Flexible Hour Building and ATPL Theory Training

Flexible Hour Building

Students that have gained their private pilot licence and have a VFR night rating are eligible to move on to the next stage of modular commercial flight training and begin building their 100 hours as pilot in command and enroll for the all-important Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) theory training.

Here, Pilot Path have partnered with some excellent flying schools in the Ireland, Europe, & USA to offer both part-time and fast-track hour building options. When deciding where to hour build, don’t assume the cheapest rate possible is the right way to go. Structured hour building is viewed more favourably at interview and assessment stage with airlines as opposed to ‘fuel burning’.

If you are a part-time student and wish to complete PIC hour building alongside your existing working commitments , we have excellent rates and flexible payment plans over 20 months available on the following aircraft:


For students who wish to fast-track this stage of training, please click below to see our hour building plans in the USA where all 100 hours can be completed in less than 5 weeks.

Why hour build with Pilot Path?

Have a trusted team behind you that has your best interests at heart

Get access to a Designated Engagement Manager (DEM) who will oversee your training

Flexible Payments

Structured Hour Building – avoid ‘fuel burn’

Unrivalled aircraft availability

Experienced Instructors

Extended Trips

ATPL Theory Training

Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) Theory Training

The ATPL theory course involves students completing theoretical knowledge training and examination across 13 subjects which are required for the issue of an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). For this training, Pilot Path have partnered with ASG located just beside Dublin Airport. Best of all, when you enrol with ASG through Pilot Path you’ll pay no extra cost and still receive support from our team and your Designated Engagement Manager (DEM) throughout.

Students can elect to complete the training on a full-time or part-time (distance learning) basis. All course material is delivered digitally to students by iPad and students are supported through an online learning management system and, in class, by subject matter experts. Here’s what’s included in your enrolment fee:

Access to Subject Matter Experts (SME) support the whole way through your course.
Access to administrative support throughout your training.
12 months’ access to the ‘Padpilot' Online Computer Learning Management System providing a learning structure and objectives for each subject.
10 days’ of premium quality focused classroom revision lectures conducted by real-world industry professionals in preparation for your examinations
School examinations in preparation for the sitting of each ATPL subject.

Access to Subject Matter Experts (SME) support the whole way through your course

Free 12 month
subscription to BGSOnline

Free 18-month subscription to BGS webinar library

The modular journey to your dream career

Have a particular query around our hour building or ATPL theory training options? Feel free to get in touch below.

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Best option for you


Hours building ensures that as a pilot wanting to fly commercially, you have the knowledge, skills and experience to be able to achieve the level required to pass the CPL and IR skills tests.

At Pilot Path, we coordinate closely with our partner flight schools to deliver structured hour building guides and retrospective mentor support helping you get the most out of this leg of your flight training journey. Hour building is the time spent becoming a more rounded pilot, practising all of the things you are taught during your Private Pilot’s Licence and to learn to fly within the much tighter tolerances found in the CPL & IR skills tests.

ATPL (Air Transport Pilot Licence) training takes place in the form of 13 examinations split over various subjects. This is a mandatory requirement when completing your commercial pilot training and will heavily compliment the ground-based training you have already completed. Your ATPL theory course can be complete in either Hybrid distance and class learning or fully remote depending on the partner school you choose to attend.

ATPL exams are created to check you have the correct level of theoretical knowledge that you’ll need to become a pilot and handle any situation that may occur whilst flying. While some of our students may find the prospect of studying for their ATPL daunting, with the right study materials and support, many of our students pass their exams first time.

Newcastle Aerodrome

Located in Co. Wicklow, a short distance from Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, students will complete all flight training here for their initial licences. Newcastle Aerodrome specialise in training for fixed wing microlight and group A aircraft. With dedicated instructors and staff, the team at Newcastle will help you achieve your ambition of becoming a pilot by providing you with the highest quality training and support as you embark on your flight training journey.



Located in Dublin Airports Logistics Park, students will complete on-site ground school along with remote distance learning meaning that learning is completed at times which suit each student’s needs. ASG have a unique approach to ATPL training providing students with a bespoke, high quality, and personalised training experience. Ensuring the optimum learning environment, the team at ASG ensure the highest standard of theoretical knowledge instruction. Each ATPL instructor is chosen for his or her subject matter expertise and practical industry experience, adding real value to students’ training experience by bringing the material to life.

OUR hour building and ATPL FAQS

Frequently Asked hour building and ATPL Questions?

Depending on each individuals ability, schedule, and financial situation, all 100 hours and ATPL exams can be completed in as little as 9 months up to 20 months. Talk to us about our convenient 20 month payment plans for this stage of training.

Your hour building can be completed in Newcastle Aerodrome, Navan Airfield, Malaga Spain, or fast-tracked and completed in just 4-weeks in Florida, USA. Talk to us about our hour building options to find the most suitable option for you!

You will have the choice of flying three different aircraft for your hour building,  

  • Cessna 150 
  • Cessna 172
  • Viper SD4  

Each aircraft comes with different benefits and pricing options. Our team will work with you on choosing the most suitable option. 

Absolutely! You can begin training and taking advantage of support from our team at any stage of your training. Feel free to get in touch with us any time.  

Your ATPL groundschool will be completed through distance learning with optional in person revision classes should you wish.

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