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PPL Flight Training in Ireland

Private Pilot Licence

In Newcastle Aerodrome County Wicklow

The private pilot licence is your first step on the road to commercial flying.

45 Hours Instructed Flight Time
Full Groundschool Enrollment
Flexible Payment Plans
Commercial Pilot Logbook
Air Pilots Manual Volume 1
Full Support & Guidance From Our Team Throughout Training
All Fuel, Landing, & Touch Fees Included

45 hours instructed flight time

Full Groundschool Enrollment

Air Pilots Manual Volume 1

The modular journey to your dream career

Financing Available

Pilot Path is the first and only place to offer financing for pilot training to UK & Irish residents on all packages across Europe and the USA.

Exclusive to Pilot Path students!
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The private pilot licence is your first step on the road to commercial flying.

It is designed to teach you the knowledge and practical skills to fly and command a private aircraft with passengers for non-commercial reasons. Your PPL can be completed in bite size “life friendly” chunks at a rate suited to each student pilot. Your PPL will help you become equipped with the foundations of pilot training and act as a bridge on your modular journey that you can build upon to gain further experience, qualifications, licencing and ratings as part of the modular ATPL route.

There are no entry requirements for the PPL course and you can get started right away. Pilot Path don’t believe in aptitude testing, and we wish to encourage everyone to begin flying.

Training Course

A minimum of 45 hours instructed flight training, (25 hours with an instructor & 10 hours must be completed solo)
9 theoretical examinations
FRTOL (Radiotelephony) practical exam
Skills test

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No hidden fees!

Pilot Path make it easy for every student to understand what they pay for.

You will never be charged for landing, touch & go fees, or hit with fuel surcharges. Everything is included in your monthly payments except your medical fees which are paid to your chosen Aero Medical Examiner (AME). Pilot Path will still help and support students with gaining their medical regardless.

For beginners, your first step is to book an introduction to flight lesson. This is for you to not only ensure you are comfortable in a training aircraft but also so that you can make an educated decision on moving forward with training. If you have prior experience flying a training aircraft you can skip this step and begin training right away.

Your seamless journey to beginning your flight training:

Book introduction to flight.

Receive confirmation email from our team with how to make payment, details of your flight, location info, where to park etc.

Arrive at Flying school.

Full experience will last approx. 90 minutes.

If choosing to go ahead with training, we will send your training guide, and welcome pack via email along with info on how to begin making monthly payments and start booking lessons making your journey as seamless as possible.

Train with a team on your side that understands your complex journey

Don’t go it alone! The vast majority of students who attempt modular pilot training alone with no guidance fall off the wagon completely or end up in major financial pitfalls having never fulfilled their true potential and landing their dream job. We do our job to the utmost by giving our students maximum guidance throughout your journey ensuring you are training effectively and cost efficiently leaving the flying schools and instructors to concentrate on their job - teaching you how to fly a plane and become a commercial airline pilot.

Here's why you should choose Pilot Path :


Day 1
Ongoing Updates
Personalized Approach
Industry Connections

From day 1, get access to a DEM (designated engagement manager) who will support your journey from your trial lesson all the way to commercial training.

Post training interview workshops and CV prep ensuring you land your dream airline job

Stay ahead with the latest industry news, regulatory changes, and advancements in aviation technology

Staff at Pilot Path understand your unique needs and create a customized plan to ensure your success in the aviation industry.

Connect with leading aviation companies and training institutions, opening doors to valuable networking opportunities and potential employers.

Making It Easy

Pilot Path make modular commercial flight training easy to understand. Students begin training from private pilot licence all the way to commercial level stage by stage, with flexible payment and training schedules allowing you to continue in full-time employment with expert support and comprehensive guidance throughout leading to a seamless journey. There is absolutely no need for commitment to all stages of training from the beginning and students can choose to switch training providers at anytime should they wish.

Newcastle Aerodrome

Located in Co. Wicklow, a short distance from Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, students will complete all flight training here for their initial licences. Newcastle Aerodrome specialise in training for fixed wing microlight and group A aircraft. With dedicated instructors and staff, the team at Newcastle will help you achieve your ambition of becoming a pilot by providing you with the highest quality training and support as you embark on your flight training journey.


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Frequently Asked PPL Questions?

You can gain your private pilot licence in as little as 9-months or as many as 24-months depending on weather and work, family, financial, and personal commitments. Our team will get an idea of your preferred completion timeframe and aim to guide you to your licence within that period.  

You need to be at least 16 to begin training towards your private pilot licence and 17 to be issued your licence. But there’s no upper age limit to train with us as long as you can hold an unrestricted IAA Class 2 Medical. 

Absolutely not. We accept students that are both commercially & recreationally  focused. A private pilot licence is a licence for life no matter what. You can gain your PPL with Pilot Path as a hobby if you wish and you can always make your mind up down the road on whether to pursue commercial training or not.  

There are 9 theoretical PPL examinations that need to be completed within your training.  You can study for these exams remotely through our groundschool option and the exams will be completed in the IAA headquarters in Dublin City Centre. Our team will support you fully with all aspects of groundschool training.  

If only it were that easy! You must gain your PPL and complete all 100 hours pilot in command (PIC) and ATPL examinations before advancing to commercial flight training. 

There are some things you will need to pay for outside of your package with Pilot Path that we cannot charge for. Your class 2 medical with your chosen AME, PPL study material such as books, your skills test, and skills test aircraft hire. Our team will support you fully with all of the above!

All landing fees, touch and go, fuel surcharges, and related fees are included in your PPL package price!  

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